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Hi, I’m Jodie!

I help passionate practitioners, massage therapists, and healers to stand up, own their own gifts of service, and share their own magical impact. Stand out amongst the noise of being a business owner and thrive with clients, sustainable income and peace of mind.


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Connect and align with a bigger vision for your business.

Gain support, guidance, and a clear path for your business journey through my secret business success catalyst: the energy of Conscious Alignment.


Jodie gave me guidance on how to deal with my stress and how to
become more balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually.

My stress levels reduced from a boiling 10 to a calm relaxed state of mind.
I feel that Jodie is walking beside me on my journey to enlightenment.
She has helped me explore my dreams and manifest them into reality.

Kim Skerrit


Jodie helped me greatly deal with my new path, it’s helped me give permission,
love, and know my power.
I have learned and still learning the energy
and importance of balance in my life and business.  


My Journey…

When I started my business over 16 years ago as a massage and healing practice, I wanted to help everyone I could,and make some money, however I also thought it was so important to be affordable to everyone because it wasn’t just about the money!

One of my teachers was impressed with my skills and passion offering me the opportunity to work in her room after I qualified. I totally thought I was set ‘woo hoo’ the universe was definitely on my side! I was full of passion, however no one came- not one client. (the rooms were at the school I had been learning, my market was not here) I had given up my full-time job, so I had to do something. I went back to my previous type of work pathology. I was a full- time single parent at the time needing a roof over our heads, and to feed my son.

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I had failed however, still filled with passion to carry on. I left the room so generously shared…

So I learned that wasn’t my market, my people I did mobile, worked at fairs on the weekend and
grew my business whilst working part-time in pathology. I was moved to a new medical practice with my pathology
job and approached the owner if there was any room for a practitioner in massage
at his medical practice (you need to look for all the opportunities).  There was!

I worked in pathology, finished staying on and worked massage thankful for friends and family who helped with my son,
as the practice
was also after hours of which I did for about a year then another opportunity came up next door,
I took the risk to go into my practice full- time and my business thrived with my skills however,
I struggled with the business side of things, the foundations of owning my own business
navigating growing being abundant, learning about hiring and trusting my own intuition being
confident in all of my choices as an entrepreneur and business owner which took time lots of time.

After 16 years with all that I learned on the way I decided to grow personally.
I did a coaching course, deciding to help other practitioners on their journey,
so they don’t have to take years to achieve a thriving practice so they can have it all!

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